Chevrolet Warranty in 100 Mile House, British Columbia

The road is full of uncertainties, but all you have to worry about is enjoying the open road when driving a new Chevrolet. Models released between 2020 and 2021 feature an extensive suite of owner benefits to make vehicle ownership as effortless as possible. Protection Plans are also available for your new Chevrolet to offer further peace of mind for a specific time and mileage period.

Chevrolet Warranty Overview

The standard Chevrolet Warranty has bumper to bumper coverage for up to three years. You can also go for an extended warranty that allows you to protect your car or truck for several years after your limited Chevrolet Warranty Coverage expires. There are several other coverages under Chevrolet Coverage; these include a limited powertrain warranty, corrosion warranty, accessory warranty, and emission control system warranty. These covers range between two and eight years or 25,000 km and 100,000 km. For more information regarding your warranty coverage, please refer to the warranty booklet issued by your dealer with your new Chevrolet. Whether you are shopping through the new or used inventory, you need to consult with your dealer on the best plan for you, depending on your driving needs. There are few services available to support the ownership experience of Chevrolet drivers in Buffalo Creek, Bridge Lake, Canim Lake, and 100 Mile House, British Columbia, and Clinton.

Chevrolet Roadside Assistance

As stated before, the road comes with a lot of surprises. Hence, on top of the 3-year/60,000 km warranty, Chevrolet offers you an added 5-year Roadside Assistance. With this plan, you have access to a trained advisor 24 hours every day. Other services that come with Chevrolet's Roadside Assistance include towing to the closest dealership, unlock services, flat tire change, battery jumpstart, and emergency fuel delivery. It would be best to refer to your roadside assistance booklet when calling for help regarding other roadside problems since some services may not be covered while others are partially covered.

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For more information on various warranty coverages and roadside assistance plans, contact us for details. Before driving off with your new or used Chevrolet, be sure to go over all the warranty details to avoid paying for repairs that are covered by your Chevrolet warranty.

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